handmade florals and fine art for your home

Hi! Welcome to my little shop, based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area! I have been obsessed with florals for years, and when I bought my first macro lens and I started shooting botanical prints, the passion grew exponentially. I love to discover little bursts of berries and flowers tucked away off the side of the road or growing wild in a field- they don't show up that often so when I find them they are that much more special. :) I began crafting with faux florals about ten years ago (and opened my shop about 2 years ago) and it brings me so much joy- I am always inspired by professional arrangements and I love the creative process! 
Coupled with my love of florals is my love for animals and animal advocacy!  Living in the country means I get to see lots of sweet animals and I always carry my camera with my when I go to town on the weekends.  The fine art prints I sell help fund donations to my favorite animal sanctuaries across the country- at least 25% of all net proceeds are donated!

I hope you will favorite my shop and check in often; I am always creating and adding homemade items.  Thanks so much for stopping by! -Gina

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